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• Volume production: With the highest degree of standardisation
• Only 4 weeks delivery time
• Individuality remains: Through-loading system for those who want it

Krone has consistently applied and developed its expertise in trailer superstructures. This is enabled, among other things, by the merger of Krone and Brüggen, which has also brought about improved process control. As a result, the superstructures are produced at the Herzlake factory. Furthermore, Krone works with close collaboration with all of the renowned HGV chassis manufacturers to enable the prefabrication of most superstructures. In the new system and with precision the chassis data for the tank dimensions, battery box position, location of the air intake etc. are stored.

All key measurements are entirely pre-defined, e.g. the trailer bracket (the Krone complete HGV concept only involves volume-oriented low couplers) the collision protection (on the side and/or rear) and the planning of additional loading equipment. The new processes also enable rapid delivery times for the vehicle, of only four weeks.

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